The 2021 Bear Race Updated Information

Updated Information Presented by John Weaver, Race Director

This is an update on the Bear Race. At this point, the Highland Games is making plans to stage the Games this year. It means that we can run the Bear with some changes to address Covid protocol. We have all been through this reality, so we will follow protocol or we can not have the race.

Online registration will be Tuesday, May 4th at 7:00am. The link and any other information will be located on this website.

We are going to register 800. This will be a new registration for everyone. Only one entry per person (can not have your name entered twice). We will delete one of the entries. We will not substitute, transfer or replace any entries later. Details concerning this will be in an information sheet sent to all of the 2021 entries. There will also be provisions for a waiting list after the registration ends with 800 entries.

The race is Thursday, July 8th at 7:00pm at the intersection of Hwy 105 and Hwy 221 in Linville, NC (same site as in the past). Further details in future emails to the registered runners.

Covid protocol includes:

  • Face masks must be worn at all times at packet pickup areas and at the start line area up to the start of the race. After the race has begun, masks can be removed once you are separated from those around you. We will use one start with some separation. Refusal to wear a mask as indicated will warramt disqualification from the race.
  • Once runners cross the finish line, they must put their masks back on or put on the mask given to them in the finish chute. Once runners complete the race, leave the chute area, get some water if wanted; they must begin walking back down to the parking lots below to awaiting family/friends or get in line to be shuttled back to Linville or the lower parking lots.
  • This year, spectators will be allowed to drive a car into Grandfather attraction as in the past to the parking lots below the finish line area if they have a pass. However, spectators must stay near their parking lot and can stand near the road. Spectators must wear masks when standing near the road. No one will be shuttled to the top or be allowed to walk to the top via the road or path. As your runner or runners come up the road, you can notify them where you are parked from the side of the road near your parking area.

These are the regulations for this year’s race. It is what allows us, at this time, to have the race. If protocols change before July 8th, we will make the appropriate changes. We are confident that everyone involved in this year’s race understands and will comply. Also, we have been asked by Grandfather Mountain to request anyone with pre-existing conditions and can not wear a mask, not enter the race this year.