Entry Procedures

The 2019 race is full – to be placed on the waiting list, please fill out the online registration form.

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Wait List Information

The wait list is organized based on the date and time you completed your registration for the list on the website. That is how the requests are ranked. We wish we could give some definitive number we will take, but we do not know how many until we start receiving withdrawals.

Once we start receiving withdrawals, we will replace those withdrawals with the next person on the wait list. We will begin doing this on April 1st. Our registrar, Matt Smith, will contact you to notify you have been selected and if still interested in running, will give you instructions on what to do about payment, etc.

We will do this up to June 26th.
Special Note: We will not accept or arrange any transfers, substitutions, replacements etc of any kind from a runner who is withdrawing.

Please note that the invitation to enter the race if you get one is only for you and either Matt Smith or John Weaver will contact you.

Any questions contact John Weaver at

Note: To make sure we get all wait list entries information, we will send this information sheet 3 more times between April 1st and June 1st.

Withdrawal Information

The following information will provide guidelines as to how The Bear Race management will handle withdrawals from the 2019 Bear Race.

* You can withdraw by sending an email to John Weaver at We
will confirm your withdrawal by an email reply. If you withdraw prior to June 26th, we will refund $20.00 of your entry fee as a credit to your credit card account you used to pay for the entry. The remainder will go toward registration costs and our charities. If you withdraw after June 26th we will not refund any of the entry fee since we have begun preparation for the race and the expenses it requires.

** We will not accept or arrange any transfers, substitutions, replacements etc of any kind from the runner withdrawing. We will only offer the partial refund explained above if you withdraw by June 26th.

*** We will use our wait list to replace any withdrawals beginning April 1st to June 26th. The wait list is formed by the date and time a request was made to be placed on the wait list. Someone wanting to be placed on the wait list must go to the Bear website (www. and register at the registration link. We will not accept wait list requests by email. The wait list is listed based on the time and date stamp at registration.

Any questions, please email John Weaver at

Entry Fee


Entry Registration

Be advised that you may have to refresh your cache with the F5 key or however your personal device handles refreshing web pages. We plan to handle the waiting list in a more rigid manner.

Entry Confirmation

Confirmation of entry will be immediate when registering online. Print/keep this confirmation to bring to packet pick-up with YOUR legal ID .

Contact John Weaver with race specific questions.